Application Photoelectric


  • High 25kHz switching frequency
  • Red/green light models

  • Fast switching frequency up to 10 kHz
  • Infrared LED light emission

  • Visible red LED emission versions
  • High resolution LASER versions


  • 3 wires NPN or PNP output
  • Extended operating distance

  • UV luminescent mark detection
  • High-powered UV emission for improved sensitivity

  • High sensitivity and powerful UV LED emission
  • Fast switching frequency and low response time

  • High-Power UV LED emission
  • Microprocessor-based Teach-in setting


  • ‘Teach-in’, ‘Remote’ setting and models with ‘Auto-Set’
  • Red/green or white LED emission

  • Automatic, manual and remote setting

  • High resolution and RGB LED emission with automatic color selection
  • Very fast switching frequency and low response time



  • 3 channel color sensor with C or C+I functions and 10 tolerance levels
  • White light LED emission and RGB photoreceiver


  • High precision and speed
  • Measurement range adjustable to 7m
  • Proximity measurement up to 4m
  • Easy setting via push-buttons


  • Area sensors with crossed beams
  • 100mm height
  • Position and dimension measurement
  • 5mm resolution and 1ms response time
  • Measurement in automatic material handling
  • Versions with 6 or 25 mm resolution
  • Operating distance reaching 1.5 m and up to 600 mm controlled height
  • Digital PNP and 0 - 10 V analogue outputs