Relays And Sockets

Designed with attention to every detail, IDEC relays are manufactured to ensure precision and quality. Correlating sockets include multiple features for ease-of-use and can be DIN rail, panel or PCB mounted. Each socket is designed to work with IDEC timers and relays, but will work equally well with any fitting component.

General Purpose Relays

6mm Interface relay ideal for space saving for PLC interfacing and other automation applications. 6A contact rating in SPDT configuration.

Designed with a 1- and 2-pole 3HP/277V AC rating in an economical and compact package

Available in both Plug-in blade or PCB type, SPDT or DPDT (Form A or Form C) configuration, and up to 16A rated contact.

High contact reliability with bifurcated contacts (minimum applicable load: 1V DC, 100μA).

Robotic assembled, compact plug in relays with 6A or 10A contacts, in DPDT or 4PDT. Bifurcated contacts for less than 20mA switching available.

Traditional power relays with 10A silver contacts, octal pin or blade type, in SPDT, DPDT, or 3PDT

Compact 10A ice-cube plug in relays, SPDT, DPDT, 3PDT or 4PDT, blade or PCB type. DPDT modle UL rated for 500K life cycles.

Compact plug in blade or PCB relay with 3A or 5A gold contacts. Bifurcated contacts for less than 20mA switching available.

PCB Relays

Quality, high contact relays ideal for appliance or electronic PCB manufacturing. 8A, 12A or 16A rated contacts. SPDT, SPST-NO, DPDT or DPST-NO formats.

SPDT and DPDT PCB low profile Relay ideal for compact, high current applications.

Latching Relays

10A, 11-pin octal base permanent magnet, dual coil latching relay.

5A miniature ice cube permanent magnet, dual coil latching relay.

Force Guided Relays

Slim relays with mechanically linked contacts adhering to EN50205. Ideal for safety circuits and available in 4 pole and 6 pole models.