Universal Photoelectric


  • Small housing of only 40mm
  • Cable or pig-tail versions

  • Flat plastic housing
  • Selectable dark or light output

  • Wide versatility of optic functions and connections
  • High operating distances for all functions

  • Complete range of optic functions, universal, application and laser class 1
  • Flat plastic tubular or metal cylindrical housing for improved versatility

  • High excess-gain and operating distancess
  • IP69K mechanical protection


  • Background and foreground suppression models
  • Free voltage versions with relay output

  • Long operating distance
  • Sensitivity adjustment

  • High-resolution sensors with LED or Laser emission
  • ackground suppression models ranging from 30 - 350mm up to 200cm

  • Sturdy metal housing in a compact 41x49x15 mm format
  • Complete range of universal, application and laser optic functions


  • High reliability and precision
  • High-speed response time

  • 15 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm and 50 mm fixed focus proximity
  • 1.5 m retro-reflective and 1 m polarized retro-reflective

  • Compact dimensions (14x42x25 mm)
  • 10 kHz switching frequency

  • EASYtouchTM microprocessor Teach-in and Remote setting
  • Laser retro-reflective, proximity and background suppression

  • Diffuse or fixed focus proximity for background suppression
  • Polarized retro-reflective and emitter-receiver with narrow beam

Fiber Optic

  • 10 bit resolution models with 500 μs response for high operating distances
  • 12 bit resolution models with 50 μs response and 4 digit display for high speed

Heavy Duty

  • Universal voltage (Support 12-240VDC and 24-240VAC)
  • Long sensing distance (up to 50m for through-beam)

  • Enhanced emission and special lenses ideal for long operating distances
  • μP Teach-in setting for background suppression

  • 50 m through beam, 12 m polarised retroreflex
  • 2 m diffuse proximity, 1 m background suppression