Drive + Controller

Key Features

• Integrated Stepper controller AND driver
• Built-in Modbus TCP network interface
• 1 to 6 axis of motion control - buy what you need, expand later!
• Hybrid control: Servo performance using Stepper hardware
• Encoder feedback - operation Open or Closed Loop
• Programming is easy, no additional software required
• DIN rail mounting for simple, standard installation

The IANG1 Integrated Stepper Controller + Drive product is a ground-breaking approach to PLC-based motion control systems.
Traditional motion controllers are difficult to integrate with PLC-based automation systems. There are so many manufacturers, so many different choices, and each solution contains proprietary features that complicate installation, programming and compatibility. You’re also faced with mechanical challenges because these motion controllers often use non-standard mounting hardware. And their configuration involves learning another software program and/or language foreign to your controls environment. IANG1 eliminates these headaches with a revolutionary design that leverages modern networks to deliver unmatched value to automation users.
The IANG1 integrates a stepper controller and driver into one, compact package that communicates with the MicroSmart FC6A over Modbus TCP network. All programming is performed through the user-defined macro instructions in WindLDR software.

Description File Type File Size Download
Datasheet PDF 1.1MB Download
User Manual PDF 1.5MB Download

Description File Type File Size Download
User Defined Macros - WindLDR ZIP 50MB Download
2D CAD Drawing ZIP 436KB Download
3D Drawing ZIP 33MB Download
Approval Certificate - CE PDF 436KB Download