FL1F SmartRelay

Key Features

  • Embedded RJ45 Ethernet Port 
  • Micro SD Card 
  • Data Logging 
  • Integrated Web Server 
  • iOS and Android App available
  • Modbus TCP Client/Server
  • Direct Comm. with Excel
  • Web Page Editor
  • -20 to 55 deg C


This compact and powerful SmartRelay now equipped with features that comparable to a micro PLC.  Standard features such as universal voltage, built-in analog inputs, real time clock, 10 Amp relays outputs, that imprinted with IDEC SmartRelay, now we’ve even added more features:  Ethernet port, micro SD port, Networking, Web Server functions, iOS and Android Apps support, Modbus TCP Client/Server, Access Tool for Microsoft Excel, Web Page Editor, and the ability to support -10 to 55 degree C operating temperature.

ModbuTCP Client/Server
• Can be configured as client or servers
• Easily communicate with other Modbus TCP devices

Web Page Editor
• Create a professional dynamic user web page
• Using standard web browser, easily monitor and control your SmartRelay

Support Windows 10
• WindLGC version 8.2 now support
Windows 10

  Microsoft Excel Access Tool
• Easily communicate directly with Excel to view, trace, update and log FL1F SmartRelay variables

-20 to 55° C Operating Temperature
• Both FL1F CPU and expansion modules now support wider operating temperature

Support Network Time Protocol (NTP)
• Support both Client and Server for time and date synchronization

The new FL1F SmartRelay CPU base module comes standard with embedded RJ45 Ethernet port.  Program can be remotely monitor, download and upload using this port.  Special programming cable is no longer required.  Using standard web browser, users can easily monitor and control the SmartRelay.  Program storage and transfer is never easier with the embedded Micro SD port.  Special memory cartridge is no longer required. This makes it easier for OEM to update and manage programs.  Data logging is also supported.  Need to monitor and control the SmartRelay from a smart phone and tablet?  No problem.  A new SmartRelay Apps will be available in December for all iOS and Android devices.  Additional enhancements including ability to network up to 16 SmartRelay over Ethernet network, an improved LCD display, and improved Real Time Clock backup with up to 480 hours.

Up to 60 I/Os can now be configured with the new digital and analog expansion modules.  These new expansion modules are not compatible with the previous SmartRelay models.

A new and improved Text Display Panel is also available for applications that require visual interface. Up to 6 lines and 20 character lines (which is more than twice compared to previous models) can be configured. 

Description File Type File Size Download
Datasheet PDF 56KB Download
Manual PDF 37MB Download
Base Module Installation/Instruction Sheet PDF 51KB Download
Expansion Module Installation/Instruction Sheet PDF 35KB Download
Text Display Installation/Instruction Sheet PDF 23KB Download
User Manual - Web Editor PDF 51KB Download
User Manual - Access Tool PDF 35KB Download
User Manual - Apps for iOS/Android PDF 23KB Download

Description File Type File Size Download
WindLGC Demo (32 bit) ZIP 25MB Download
WindLGC Upgrade (32 bit) ZIP 90MB Download
WindLGC Demo (64 bit) ZIP 25MB Download
WindLGC Upgrade (64 bit) ZIP 90MB Download
Web Page Editor Software ZIP 100MB Download
Access Tool .xlam file XLAM 25MB Download
Modbus TCP Server Address Mapping XLSX 90MB Download
Approval Certificate: UL PDF 125KB Download
Approval Certificate: UL Class I Div 2 PDF 150KB Download
Approval Certificate: FM Approval PDF 125KB Download
Approval Certificate: Lloyds Approval PDF 125KB Download
Approval Certificate: cUL PDF 125KB Download
Approval Ceritificate: cUL Class I Div 2 PDF 125KB Download
Approval Ceritificate: FM Canada PDF 125KB Download
Approval Ceritificate: ABS Type Approval PDF 125KB Download