HE1G-L Light Grip Switch

Key Features

  • Ideally suited for use as an enabling (aka “deadman”) switch for robotic cells
  • Contacts will not re-close when released from Off to On (pos. 3 to pos. 1)
  • Lighter operating force to On position
  • Optional E-Stop switch built-in
  • IP66 waterproof sealing
  • Meets ANSI RIA 15.06 robotics standards
  • B10d (cycle): 1.0E+05

HE1G-L grip switches are available with or without a built-in Emergency Stop switch, and were designed for use as "deadman" switches by second operators in robotic cells. The Off-On-Off functionality provides a high level of safety based on human behavioral studies which determine personnel may squeeze OR let go when presented with a panic situation. Compare to the standard HE1G, the HE1G-L has lighter operating force to On position.

Description File Type File Size Download
Enabling Family PDF 2MB Download
Enabling Selection Guide PDF 2MB Download
HEG1-L Series PDF 2.8MB Download