HS5L Miniature w/Locking

Key Features

  • Compact body 35x40x127mm
  • 1400N locking force
  • Spring or Solenoid Lock type
  • 2 or 4 contacts type
  • Spring clamp terminals
  • Gold plated contacts
  • Head removal detection circuitry
  • B10d: 2.0E+06

Most safety interlocks in the market usually have up to 6 contacts which is more than required in many applications. The revised EN ISO 14119 standard requires two interlock devices to achieve PLe when using a Type 2 interlock device.  For one of the two interlock devices, 2 contacts are sufficient.  The HS5L is designed to with 2 or 4 contacts, and as a result, the overall size is reduced for more flexibility in installation.

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