LBW Flush Mount

Key Features

  • Projects only 2mm from the panel surface
  • ø26mm bright and clear illumination surface
  • Bezel choice of round/square, black/metallic and guards
  • 34.9mm shortest body in the class
  • Easy wiring with removable contact blocks
  • Wide variety of flush/extended pushbuttons, face/ring illuminated pushbuttons, selector/key switches and pilot lights
  • 5A Contact Rating
  • IP65 Protection
  • Key switches use wave keys that are hard to duplicate
  • 6 Different keys are available besides standard key
  • Reliable gold-clad or silver contacts
  • Solder tab or PCB terminals 

Welcome to LBW series, a new breed of 22mm flush mount switch family that offers hundreds of styles and numerous features.

Available in face or ring illuminated pushbuttons, flush or extended pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches and key selector switches, LBW Series is perfect for applications for medical devices, food and beverage processing equipment, semi-conductor equipment, demo equipment, home automation and robotic control systems where a hygienic surface is required. A smooth surface design prevents particle and debris from accumulating and makes regular cleaning a breeze. LBW flush mount switches also remove the obstacles from busy control panels where a flat surface is desirable to allow frequent finger travels. The compact and space-saving design of LBW series also enables break-through in stylish and modern design by reducing machine’s panel size while enhancing its functionality and controllability.

Description File Type File Size Download
Switch Family PDF 5MB Download
Switch Selection Guide PDF 101KB Download
LBW Series Catalog PDF 3.9MB Download