LD46 Series

Key Features

  • UV luminescent mark detection
  • High-powered UV emission for improved sensitivity
  • Fast switching frequency and response time
  • Easy setting with a clear bar graph indicator


Luminescence sensors emit ultraviolet (UV) light and receive visible light reflected from luminescent surfaces. This technology allows the detection of fluorescent marks (even invisible to the human eye) on any object independent of its material, color or distance, inside the operating range. In addition, it ignores light interference or reflections from non-luminescent surfaces, like glass, mirrors or shiny metal surfaces.

Luminescence sensors can be utilized in many different applications., For example, in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries they can detect labels on glass vials or bottles, or verify packaging. They can be used to check fluorescent selection marks in woodworking and ceramic tile production; detect whitened paper or fluorescent glues in automatic packaging, and identify fluorescent cutting guides or labels in textile industries. In addition, they can be used to verify fluorescent paints, lubricants, gaskets or fittings in mechanical industries; or check money and credit cards in vending machines or cash dispensers. The high power and shape of the LD46 sensor light spot enable the detection of critical targets with a very poor, non-homogeneous or low luminescent light level, such as raw wood, corrugated cartons, fabric or ceramic tiles.

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