S15 M18 Tubular

Key Features

  • Small housing of only 40mm
  • Cable or pig-tail versions
  • No sensitivity adjustment trimmer
  • IP69K mechanical protection


The main characteristic of the new M18 tubular S15 sensors is the housing length of only 40 mm, especially suitable for applications with reduced space. The new S15 series is available with cable output, in order to maximize the concept of reduced dimensions’ as well as to offer contemporaneously the best installation flexibility. The S15 series is supplied without the sensitivity adjustment trimmer to ease and speedup installation. This feature drastically reduces the possibility of allowing the operator to modify the sensor’s performances and so guaranteeing major reliability and productivity. The main optic functions used in the industrial market are available, polarized retro-reflective, non-polarized retro-reflective, diffuse proximity and through beam. These sensors are ideal for the most critical applications with harsh environmental conditions thanks to the IP69K mechanical protection.

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