S51 M18 Tubular

Key Features

  • Flat plastic housing
  • Selectable dark or light output
  • Cable or M12 connection with NPN or PNP output
  • Standard 3 wire connection configuration


The S51 series offers a cost-effective solution in M18 photoelectric sensors, with a wide range of operating distances. The diffuse proximity model has a 10cm fixed operating distance with a wide emission spectrum. Also available is a version with a 1 - 40cm adjustable operating distance. Standard retro-reflective models have an operating distance up to 4m while the polarized retro-reflective models, used for reliable detection of reflective objects, are fitted with a sensitivity adjustment and have a 3.5m operating distance. The emitter and receiver models, used for longer operating distances, reach 18 meters.

The S51 series sensors, with cable or M12 connector and PNP or NPN output, provide a 3-wire connection configuration in compliance with the EN60947-5-2 standard. The normally open output is activated in light mode in proximity models and in dark mode in retro-reflective models. The output mode can be inverted using the dark/light selection input wire provided, making these extremely versatile sensors.

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