S62 Compact

Key Features

  • High-resolution sensors with LED or Laser emission
  • Background suppression models ranging from 30 - 350mm up to 200cm
  • Polarized retro-reflective with operating distances up to .3 - 20m
  • Sturdy ABS housing with compact 18 x 50 x 50mm dimensions
  • NPN or PNP double output with standard NO-NC configuration


The S62 series, in a 50 x 50 x 18mm compact plastic housing, offers maximum performance for industrial automation applications. The background suppression proximity models can detect up to 300mm using visible red LED emission, or up to 2000mm with infrared emission. The operating distance can be adjusted through a precise multiturn mechanical regulation of optical triangulation to obtain maximum immunity against color differences of the detected object or of the background, even if very reflective.

A visible red laser is available with a 50-350mm background suppression distance and a polarized retroreflective range reaching more than 20m. These Laser sensors are characterized by a very small light spot, as well as a fast response time for excellent detection repeatability, even of very small objects or movement.

Description File Type File Size Download
IDEC DataLogic Short Form Catalog PDF 2.2MB Download
Sensor Catalog PDF 9.32MB Download
Quick Selection Guide PDF 600KB Download
IDEC DataLogic Sensor Catalog PDF 8.7MB Download
Sensor Cross Reference PDF 132KB Download
Catalog PDF 307KB Download
Pol. Retroreflective & Background Suppression Datasheet PDF 258KB Download
Distance Displacement Datasheet PDF 1.7MB Download
S62…M Instruction/Installation Sheet: Background Supprression PDF 233KB Download
S62-PL…B Instruction/Installation Sheet: Polarized Retroreflex PDF 119KB Download
S62-PL…M Laser Instruction/Installation Sheet: Laser with Background Suppression PDF 195KB Download