S65 Series

Key Features

  • 3 channel color sensor with C or C+I functions and 10 tolerance levels
  • White light LED emission and RGB photoreceiver
  • 3 independent NPN or PNP outputs and RS485 serial interface
  • 2 push-button easy setting and 4-digit display


The S65-V color sensor offers the best performance for color detection in a standard 50 x 50 x 25mm housing. The sensor can memorize and recognize 3 colors on 3 independent channels. C (chromaticity) or C+I (chromaticity and intensity) detection algorithm and tolerance levels can be selected for each color. Additional functions include keylock and synchronization with external events through a specific input.

The control panel has two push-buttons for setting the sensor, LED outputs and a 4-digit display for messages and sensor configuration. Complete remote control is possible for the version with an RS485 serial interface, where the sensor can receive RGB chromatic information.

Description File Type File Size Download
IDEC DataLogic Short Form Catalog PDF 2.2MB Download
Sensor Catalog PDF 9.32MB Download
Quick Selection Guide PDF 600KB Download
IDEC DataLogic Sensor Catalog PDF 8.7MB Download
Sensor Cross Reference PDF 132KB Download
Catalog PDF 232KB Download
Datasheet PDF 174KB Download
Instruction Sheet PDF 153KB Download
App Note:Color Matching PDF 119KB Download
App Note: Damanged or Missing Seals PDF 78KB Download
App Note: Separating Ink Cartridges PDF 2.5MB Download