SRF Series

Key Features

  • Visible red LED emission versions
  • High resolution LASER versions
  • Versions with 30, 50, 80 and 120 mm slots
  • Sensitivity adjustment and dark/light selectors
  • Sturdy metal housing with glass lenses

The slot sensors of the SRF series are photoelectric devices characterized by an excellent precision thanks to the red LED emission which offers resolutions reaching 0.3 mm or class II LASER emission for resolutions down to 0.03 mm. High precision and reading repeatability are obtained thanks to the Laser emission combined with high switching frequency.

The particular 'U' shape with opposite receiver and emitter units, together with the high resistance of the metal housing, make monitoring extremely simple and rapid, guaranteeing reliable functioning as well as shock and vibration resistance. The SRF series presents versions with 30, 50, 80 and 120 mm slots allowing the best adaptation to the many different applications, including opaque label detection on transparent supports, monitoring of the correct material position and dimension or object counting on conveyor belts. Sensitivity adjustment is easily accomplished thanks to the trimmer positioned on the back side of the sensor. The range offers versions with PNP or NPN output. The light/dark mode can be selected in all models.

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IDEC DataLogic Short Form Catalog PDF 2.2MB Download
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