DATAVS2 Series

Key Features

  • Flexible setup via PC
  • Ethernet communication
  • Object recognition or identification tools
  • 360° pattern matching
  • Multiple control inspections


The DATAVS2 series of vision sensors presents all the characteristics able to solve artificial machine vision problems in a flexible and intuitive manner. The setup of the DATAVS2 is carried-out on a PC using Ethernet connection, ensuring a high level of flexibility. A Graphic User Interface based on a Wizard system leads step by step the user in the creation of the inspection. Different models according to different software tools are available: Object Recognition, Advanced Object Recognition (with 360° pattern matching), Identification (Barcode, Datamatrix and OCV). The sensor can store up to 20 different inspections, that can be selected using digital pulses or via Ethernet. The sensor is able to contemporarily carry-out different controls on the same object, thus reducing installation time and costs compared to using more devices in the same application.

Description File Type File Size Download
IDEC Datalogic Short Form Catalog PDF 2.2MB Download
Smart Vision Flyer PDF 428KB Download
Illuminator Brochure PDF 758KB Download
Brochure PDF 2.2MB Download
Datasheet PDF 616KB Download
Product Manual PDF 2.8MB Download
Instruction Sheet PDF 235KB Download

Description File Type File Size Download
Configuration Software ZIP 51.8MB Download