Key Features

  • High resolution and RGB LED emission with automatic color selection
  • Very fast switching frequency and low response time
  • Easy sensor setting by means of two pushbuttons Mark/Bkgd
  • Sturdy plastic housing with standard dimensions and fixing holes


The TL50 contrast sensor line offers the best solution for all the applications where cost reduction is requested, without compromising the excellent detection performances. The optimized optics of these sensors, the RGB LED emission with automatic color selection and the very fine resolution, allow the detection of the weakest contrast of colors or grayscale between mark and background, or between different objects or surfaces. The high resolution is not a limit for the detection speed, reaching 33 ms response time and 15 kHz switching frequency. Thanks to only two 'Mark' and 'Bkgd' push-buttons for the different signal acquisition, the automatic threshold setting is very easy and accurate.

TL50 sensors can find typical applications on packaging machinery for food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical goods, for the detection of print registration marks, labels or other references on plastic films or packages, even on transparent material. Thanks to the compact dimensions and multiple fixing holes with metallic inserts present in standard positions, the sturdy ABS plastic housing is fully compatible and can replace the most traditional contrast sensors, as well as offering an interesting cost reduction. The special PMMA plastic lens, that can be fixed either in an axial or lateral position, is suitable for sensor use in the food industry, where the presence of glass parts must be avoided.

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