TLu Series

Key Features

  • ‘Teach-in’, ‘Remote’ setting and models with ‘Auto-Set’
  • Red/green or white LED emission
  • Various interchangeable lenses and fiber-optic versions
  • Metal housing with orientable optics and connector


The TLμ series offers the most reliable and innovative solutions for all detection applications of register marks and other neutral or colored references. The microprocessor-based setting can be either ‘Teach-in’ using two push-buttons or ‘Remote’ by cable with the possibility of rapidly memorizing and recalling 4 different formats. The setting can also be dynamic and completely automatic in the models with the ‘Auto-Set’ function.

The LED emission can be red/green with automatic selection, or white offering the possibility of operating on all contrasts, also amongst same-colored objects and backgrounds, presenting different surface treatments or workings. Models with interchangeable 9 mm or 18 mm lenses are available; 22, 28 and 50 mm lenses are supplied as accessories. Moreover many different fiber-optic models are available. The output is NPN or PNP according to the model, but is always selectable by means of an internal switch; an analog output proportional to the received light is also present.

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IDEC DataLogic Short Form Catalog PDF 2.2MB Download
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