TWND 30mm Series

Key Features

•Diecast zinc mounting threads
•Heavy-duty design for all type of harsh environments 
•IP20 finger-safe contact block 
•Ease of installation and wiring 
•UL Listed, CSA Certified, TUV Approved, and CE Marked

Since 1958, IDEC has developed control switches that provide users with the highest levels of safety and reliability. The latest addition to our family of industrial control switches, with diecast zinc mounting threads, the TWND series of 30mm switches is a complete line of non-illuminated and illuminated pushbuttons, non-illuminated and illuminated selector switches, key selector switches, pilot lights and E-stops. This heavy-duty switch is designed to be used in harsh industrial environments including automotive, food and beverage, metal working, textile machinery, papermill, packaging machinery, farm and agriculture equipment, transportation and more. Users can rely on TWND switches to endure and last even in the toughest and most extreme environments, as these switches meet the highest standards for UL, TUV, CSA, CCC, and are also CE marked.

Universal Contact Blocks

Same contact blocks used in four product series*

Same contact blocks are used in 22mm and 30mm switches & pilot lights, improving the level of safety and reducing labor and stocking costs.


Electric shock protection

IP20 contact block with integrated terminal cover prevents electric shocks.

Improved Visibility

Blue or reddish purple

Contact blocks are blue (NO) or reddish purple (NC) for easy visual identification.

Labor Saving

Snap-fit for easy and secure installation

Contact blocks can be installed on the operator by snapping into place for a secure installation.


Captive spring-up terminal

Wiring is easy with IDEC’s unique captive spring-up terminal that prevents screws from falling.


Two-way wire entry points

Wiring is possible from two directions. Various crimp terminals, including ring or fork terminals, can be used.


Reliable contacts

Stable and reliable contacts with wiping action.

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