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Key Features

  • Online Edit
  • Simulation Mode
  • Comment download

All IDEC micro controllers are programmable with WindLDR® ladder logic software. This icon-driven programming tool combines logic and intuition with an incredibly easy-to-use interface to allow you to take advantage of every MicroSmart feature. Even without ladder program experience, you can use the built-in editors, shortcuts and debuggers to configure programs. Lose the extra costs of engineering, installation and maintenance and get right to work!

WindLDR® is an excellent, long-term investment for your control solutions. It programs every IDEC PLC, so it’s adaptable to whatever hardware you need today and down the road. Software upgrades are always free for registered users.

Want to become a WindLDR ladder programming expert? Just come to one of our many training classes scheduled across the country. Once you attend one of our training classes, we guarantee you will come away with full knowledge of WindLDR and IDEC PLCs. Visit for more details and a schedule of our trainings.


Highlights of WindLDR

Online edit

Shutting down for minor changes can be a major hassle, so WindLDR allows you to edit and download programs while the PLC is still in Run mode. You’ll be able to write new values to counters, timers and registers at any time without switching between editor mode (for programming) and monitor mode.

Simulation Mode

WindLDR allows you to simulate your ladder program with built-in Simulation mode. You can now test and verify functionality of your ladder program without actual hardware.

Comment download

When you transfer your program to the PLC, you have the option to include any accompanying comments too. User programs can be downloaded with the comments attached to operands and rungs; the documentation is stored in the processor. With comment data, you can review programming codes for clarification and streamlined maintenance.

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