Key Features

  • On-line full time
  • Support MicroSmart Pentra 32-bit and floating point
  • Support Ethernet and modem communications
  • Built-in Quick Client interface

A True Plug-and-Play OPC Server

Looking for a fast and flawless controls solution? Want your control systems centralized, easy-to-manage and able to take advantage of all the components you already have? WindSRV, also known as KEPServerEX, is an OPC server that provides direct connectivity between client applications and IDEC PLCs. It’s a true plug-and-play OPC Server with effortless data management, acquisition, monitoring and control.

The intuitive interface makes connecting to IDEC PLCs so easy that within minutes you can be providing data to your application. KEPServerEX maximizes the promise of OPC through the use of a single server interface, ensuring shorter product learning curves, reduced system training and maintenance costs.

A maximum of 100 MicroSmart/MicroSmart Pentra PLCs can be connected to the server. Imagine having the ability to centrally monitor and control your whole plant, all at your fingertips. KEPServerEX is designed to allow quick and easy configuration so you can communicate with your devices.

WindSRV Downloads

DEMO Software

Try the full version of WindSRV OPC Server software free. This demo version has a 2 hour maximum run time but can be restarted after it is closed if further evaluation is needed.

ZIPDownload Demo (987.9MB)

Description File Type File Size Download
Automation Software Family Catalog PDF 983KB Download
Sales Brochure PDF 1MB Download
Product Manual PDF 2MB Download
Licensing Instructions PDF 580KB Download